Texas Code of Criminal Procedure

Art. Art. 17.13
Sufficiency of Sureties Ascertained

To test the sufficiency of the security offered to any bail bond, unless the court or officer taking the same is fully satisfied as to its sufficiency, the following oath shall be made in writing and subscribed by the sureties: "I, do swear that I am worth, in my own right, at least the sum of (here insert the amount in which the surety is bound), after deducting from my property all that which is exempt by the Constitution and Laws of the State from forced sale, and after the payment of all my debts of every description, whether individual or security debts, and after satisfying all encumbrances upon my property which are known to me; that I reside in .......... County, and have property in this State liable to execution worth said amount or more.

(Dated .........., and attested by the judge of the court, clerk, magistrate or sheriff.)

Such affidavit shall be filed with the papers of the proceedings.
Acts 1965, 59th Leg., vol. 2, p. 317, ch. 722.

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