Texas Property Code

Sec. § 92.254
Smoke Alarm


A smoke alarm must be:


designed to detect both the visible and invisible products of combustion;


designed with an alarm audible to a person in the bedrooms it serves; and


tested and listed for use as a smoke alarm by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Factory Mutual Research Corporation, or United States Testing Company, Inc.


If requested by a tenant as an accommodation for a person with a hearing-impairment disability or as required by law as a reasonable accommodation for a person with a hearing-impairment disability, a smoke alarm must, in addition to complying with Subsection (a), be capable of alerting a hearing-impaired person in the bedrooms it serves.


Except as provided by Section 92.255 (Installation and Location)(b), a smoke alarm may be powered by battery, alternating current, or other power source as required by local ordinance. The power system and installation procedure of a security device that is electrically operated rather than battery operated must comply with applicable local ordinances.
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Amended by:
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