Texas Agriculture Code
Sec. § 122.252
Certification or Approval


The department or an entity authorized to certify seed under Chapter 62 (Seed and Plant Certification) shall identify and certify or approve seed confirmed to produce hemp.


The department or entity may not certify or approve a variety of hemp seed if the seed is tested and confirmed to produce a plant that has delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis. For purposes of this subsection, the department may partner with a private entity or an institution of higher education to test seed for the purpose of certification or approval under this section.


The department may authorize the importation of hemp seed certified in accordance with the law of another state or jurisdiction that requires as a condition of certification that hemp be produced in compliance with:


that state or jurisdiction’s plan approved by the United States Department of Agriculture under 7 U.S.C. Section 1639p; or


a plan established under 7 U.S.C. Section 1639q if that plan applies in the state or jurisdiction.


The department shall maintain and make available to license holders a list of hemp seeds certified or approved under this section.
Added by Acts 2019, 86th Leg., R.S., Ch. 764 (H.B. 1325), Sec. 2, eff. June 10, 2019.
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Apr. 17, 2021