Texas Tax Code

Sec. § 23.92
Voluntary Restrictions


The owner of a fee simple estate in property of at least five acres may limit the use of that part of the property which is airport property to public access airport property by filing with the county clerk of the county in which the property is located a written instrument executed in the form and manner of a deed.


The instrument must describe the property and the restricted part of the property, name each owner of the property, and provide that the restricted property may only be used as public access airport property during the term of the deed restriction. The term of the deed restriction must be for at least 10 years, and the length of the term must be stated in the instrument.


The county attorney of the county in which the restricted property is located or any person owning or having an interest in the restricted property may enforce a deed restriction that complies with the requirements of this section.
Added by Acts 1981, 67th Leg., p. 2355, ch. 581, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1982.

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