Texas Transportation Code
Sec. § 522.087
Procedures Applicable to Disqualification


A person is automatically disqualified under Section 522.081(a)(1)(B), Section 522.081(b)(2), or Section 522.081(d)(2). An appeal may not be taken from the disqualification.


Disqualifying a person under Section 522.081(a), other than under Subdivision (1)(B) of that subsection, Section 522.081(b)(1), or Section 522.081(d)(1) or (3) is subject to the notice and hearing procedures of Sections 521.295-521.303. An appeal of the disqualification is subject to Section 521.308.


A disqualification imposed under Section 522.081(a) must run consecutively to any other disqualification that is then currently in effect.


A disqualification imposed under Section 522.081(a)(1)(B) or 522.081(b)(2) or (d)(2) takes effect on the 10th day after the date the department issues the order of disqualification.
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