Texas Transportation Code
Sec. § 522.030
Content of License


A commercial drivers license or commercial learners permit must:


be marked:


“Commercial Driver License” or “CDL” for a commercial drivers license; or


“Commercial Learners Permit” or “CLP” for a commercial learners permit;


be, to the extent practicable, tamper-proof; and




the name and domicile address of the person to whom it is issued;


the persons photograph;


a physical description of the person, including sex, height, and eye color;


the persons date of birth;


a number or identifier the department considers appropriate;


the persons signature;


each class of commercial motor vehicle that the person is authorized to drive, with any endorsements or restrictions;


the name of this state; and


the dates between which the license is valid.


Except as provided by this section, a commercial drivers license issued under this chapter:




be in the same format;


have the same appearance and orientation; and


contain the same type of information; and


may not include any information that this chapter does not reference or require.


To the extent of a conflict or inconsistency between this section and Section 522.013 (Non-domiciled License or Permit) or 522.051 (Expiration of License or Permit), Section 522.013 (Non-domiciled License or Permit) or 522.051 (Expiration of License or Permit) controls.


The department shall ensure that an original or renewal commercial drivers license or commercial learners permit issued under this chapter properly records any diacritical mark used in a persons name. In this subsection, “diacritical mark” means a mark used in Latin script to change the sound of a letter to which it is added or used to distinguish the meaning of the word in which the letter appears. The term includes accents, tildes, graves, umlauts, and cedillas.
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