Texas Tax Code

Sec. § 41.01
Duties of Appraisal Review Board


The appraisal review board shall:


determine protests initiated by property owners;


determine challenges initiated by taxing units;


correct clerical errors in the appraisal records and the appraisal rolls;


act on motions to correct appraisal rolls under Section 25.25 (Correction of Appraisal Roll);


determine whether an exemption or a partial exemption is improperly granted and whether land is improperly granted appraisal as provided by Subchapter C, D, E, or H, Chapter 23 (Appraisal Methods and Procedures); and


take any other action or make any other determination that this title specifically authorizes or requires.


The board may not review or reject an agreement between a property owner or the owner’s agent and the chief appraiser under Section 1.111 (Representation of Property Owner)(e).
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