Tex. Ins. Code Section 542.055
Receipt of Notice of Claim


Not later than the 15th day or, if the insurer is an eligible surplus lines insurer, the 30th business day after the date an insurer receives notice of a claim, the insurer shall:


acknowledge receipt of the claim;


commence any investigation of the claim; and


request from the claimant all items, statements, and forms that the insurer reasonably believes, at that time, will be required from the claimant.


An insurer may make additional requests for information if during the investigation of the claim the additional requests are necessary.


If the acknowledgment of receipt of a claim is not made in writing, the insurer shall make a record of the date, manner, and content of the acknowledgment.
Added by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1274, Sec. 2, eff. April 1, 2005.

Source: Section 542.055 — Receipt of Notice of Claim, https://statutes.­capitol.­texas.­gov/Docs/IN/htm/IN.­542.­htm#542.­055 (accessed Dec. 2, 2023).

Dec. 2, 2023

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