Texas Vernon’s Civil Statutes
Sec. § 9.02
Time for Payment to Survivors; Payment to Estate

Benefits to a surviving spouse, dependent child, or dependent parent under this Act are payable on the first day of each month beginning with the month following the month in which the death of the member or former firefighter occurs. After all payments cease, any amount by which the members or former firefighters total accumulated contributions at the date of that persons death exceed the amount of all retirement and death benefits paid by the fund as a result of the persons participation in the fund is payable to the estate of the member or former firefighter.


The member shall receive credit for all service with the municipality credited to the member at the inception date of the members disability.


The board may extend the 30-day period when, in the boards judgment, reasonable cause exists for extending the period.
Sec. 9.03. END OF DISABILITY BEFORE AGE 65. If a members disability ends before the members 65th birthday and the member is not reemployed by the municipality, the member shall be treated as a terminated member and is not entitled to further benefits except the excess, if any, of the members accumulated contributions less the total amount of disability benefits received. However, if the member meets the requirements for an early, special early, extra-special early, or deferred vested pension on the date of termination for disability, the member is entitled to receive a pension equal in amount to the early, special early, extra-special early, or deferred vested pension the member would have been entitled to as of the date of the members disability.
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