Texas Occupations Code

Title 1 General Provisions

Chapter 1
1. General Provisions

Title 4 Professions Related to Animals

Chapters 801 – 802
801. Veterinarians
802. Dog or Cat Breeders

Title 5 Regulation of Financial and Legal Services

Subtitles A – B
A. Financial Services
B. Legal Services

Title 6 Regulation of Engineering, Architecture, Land Surveying, and Related Practices

Title 7 Practices and Professions Related to Real Property and Housing

Title 9 Regulation of Barbers, Cosmetologists, and Related Occupations

Title 10 Occupations Related to Law Enforcement and Security

Title 12 Practices and Trades Related to Water, Health, and Safety

Title 13 Sports, Amusements, and Entertainment

Title 14 Regulation of Motor Vehicles and Transportation

Title 15 Occupations Related to Employment

Chapter 2501
2501. Personnel Services