Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code

Title 1 General Provisions

Chapter 1
1. General Provisions

Title 2 Trial, Judgment, and Appeal

Title 3 Extraordinary Remedies

Title 4 Liability in Tort

Chapters 71 – 100A
71. Wrongful Death; Survival; Injuries Occurring out of State
72. Liability of Motor Vehicle Owner or Operator to Guest
73. Libel
74. Medical Liability
74A. Limitation of Liability Relating to Health Information Exchanges
75. Limitation of Landowners' Liability
75A. Limited Liability for Agritourism Activities
76. Food Donors
77. Transplants and Transfusions
78. Certain Fire Fighters and Fire-fighting Entities
79. Liability of Persons Assisting in Hazardous or Dangerous Situations
80. Trespass: Outdoor Sign
81. Sexual Exploitation by Mental Health Services Provider
82. Products Liability
83. Use of Force or Deadly Force
84. Charitable Immunity and Liability
85. Liability for Stalking
86. Liability for Certain Injuries to Convicted Persons
87. Liability Arising From Farm Animal
88. Health Care Liability
89. Donation of Medical Devices
90. Claims Involving Asbestos and Silica
91. Liability of Volunteer Health Care Practitioners
91A. Liability of Volunteer Audiologists and Speech-language Pathologists
92. Limitation of Liability for Person Assisting Certain Animals
93. Assumption of the Risk and Certain Other Affirmative Defenses
94. Liability of Sports Officials and Organizations
95. Property Owner's Liability for Acts of Independent Contractors and Amount of Recovery
96. False Disparagement of Perishable Food Products
97. Liability of Persons Providing Services for a Governmental Unit
98. Liability for Trafficking of Persons
98A. Liability for Compelled Prostitution and Certain Promotion of Prostitution
98B. Unlawful Disclosure or Promotion of Intimate Visual Material
99. Liability for Manufacture of Methamphetamine
100. Use of Force in Defense of Commercial Nuclear Power Plants
100A. Limited Liability for Space Flight Activities