Texas Vernon’s Civil Statutes
Sec. § 6A.02
Adjudication of Certain Challenges


The Texas Supreme Court has exclusive and original jurisdiction over a challenge to the constitutionality under the Texas Constitution of Section 6A.01 of this article. An action under this section is authorized to the full extent permitted by Section 3, Article V, Texas Constitution. The Texas Supreme Court may issue any injunctive, declaratory, or equitable relief the court deems appropriate or necessary to effectuate the courts mandamus jurisdiction in connection with a challenge under this section.


Any action brought under this section must be filed not later than the 90th day after the date the board adopts a rule under Section 6A.01 of this article.


If an action brought under this section is timely filed, the board may not enforce or otherwise administer any rules adopted pursuant to Section 6A.01 of this article during the pendency of the action.
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