Texas Vernon’s Civil Statutes
Sec. § 3.013
Trustee Training


A person who is appointed or elected to the board and qualifies for office as a trustee shall complete a training program that complies with this section.


The training program must provide the person with information regarding:


the law governing the pension systems operations;


the programs, functions, rules, and budget of the pension system;


the scope of and limitations on the rulemaking authority of the board;


the results of the most recent formal audit of the pension system;


the requirements of:


laws relating to open meetings, public information, administrative procedure, and disclosing conflicts of interest; and


other laws applicable to a trustee in performing the trustees duties, including the boards fiduciary duties described under Section 3.01(a) of this article;


the code or codes of ethics adopted under Section 3.01(r) of this article and any applicable ethics policies adopted by the Texas Ethics Commission; and


financial training regarding the risks of investing in alternative investments.


The executive director shall create a training manual that includes the information required by Subsection (b) of this section. The executive director shall distribute a copy of the training manual annually to each trustee. On receipt of the training manual, each trustee shall sign and submit to the executive director a statement acknowledging receipt of the training manual.
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