Texas Vernon's Civil Statutes

Title 1 General Provisions

Title 4 Agriculture and Horticulture

Chapter 11
11. Cotton

Title 6 Amusements--public Houses of

Sections 2.14 – 179e-2
2.14. Legal Representation
2.15. Records
2.16. Department of Public Safety Records
2.18. Funds Paid to Commission
2.19. Employment Practices
2.20. Standards of Conduct
2.21. Division of Responsibility
2.22. Program and Facility Accessibility
2.23. Information to Public
2.24. Complaint Handling
2.25. Negotiated Rulemaking and Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures
2.071. Conflict of Interest
2.073. Grounds for Removal
2.074. Member Training
3.15. Hearing Requirements
3.16. Rules Relating to Unlawful Influences on Racing
3.17. Security for Fees and Charges
3.18. Cease and Desist Order
3.19. Emergency Cease and Desist Order
3.20. Violation of Final Cease and Desist Order
3.021. Regulation by Commission
3.21. Injunction
6.17. City and County Fees
6.031. Background Check
6.032. Bond
6.061. Regulation of Inappropriate or Unsafe Conditions
6.062. Supervision of Changes to Premises
6.063. Summary Suspension
6.094. National Event Incentives
6.0601. Designation of Active and Inactive Racetrack Licenses
6.0602. Renewal of Inactive Racetrack License; Fees
6.0603. Disciplinary Action
7.07. Term of License
9A.001. Texas Derbies
9A.002. Inspection and Examination of Horse
9A.003. Texas Derby Escrow Purse Fund
11.02. Computation of Wagering
11.05. Unlawful Wagering
11.06. Minors
11.07. Claim After Race Meeting
11.09. No Liability to Prosecution
11.10. Automobile Racing Facility
11.011. Simulcast Races
13.03. Criminal Trespass
13.04. Exclusion by Association
14.01. Touting
14.02. Unlawful Possession or Use of Credential
14.04. Illegal Access
14.05. Races Conducted on Certain Indian Lands
14.06. False Statements
14.07. Hindering of Entry
14.09. Impersonating a Licensee
14.10. Unlawful Influence on Racing
14.11. Bribery and Corrupt Influence
14.12. Criminal Conflict of Interest
14.13. Offenses Involving a Minor
14.14. Unlawful Racing
14.16. Racing Without a License
14.17. Failure to Display Credential
14.18. Search and Seizure
14.19. Prosecution
14.20. Commission Authority
14.21. Venue for Criminal Prosecution
15.01. General Penalty
15.03. Administrative Penalty
15.04. Complaints
16.01. Condition Precedent
16.02. Methods for Initiating Election
16.03. Application for Petition; Issuance
16.04. Contents of Application
16.05. Contents of Petition
16.06. Copies
16.07. Filing of Petition; Number of Signatures
16.08. Review by County Clerk
16.09. Certification
16.10. Order of Election
16.11. Application of Election Code
16.12. Results of Election
16.13. Contest of Election
16.14. Contest of Election; Bond
16.15. Contest of Election; Appeal
16.16. Suit to Have Precedence
16.17. Contestee
16.18. Rescission Election
16.021. Approval of Simulcast Races
18.03. Other Lawful Businesses
18.04. Suit to Have Precedence
18.05. Fee in Lieu of State Taxes
18.06. Release of Liability
18.07. Past Performance of Association
18.08. Distance Learning
179e‑2. Use of State Funds for Certain Track Improvements Prohibited

Title 19 Blue Sky Law--securities

Articles 581-1 – 581-44
581‑1. Short Title of Act
581‑2. Creating the State Securities Board and Providing for Appointment of Securities Commissioner
581‑2‑1. Conflict of Interest
581‑2‑2. Information About Standards of Conduct
581‑2‑3. Training
581‑2‑4. Division of Policy and Management Responsibilities
581‑2‑5. Public Testimony
581‑2‑6. Complaints Information
581‑2‑7. Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement
581‑3. Administration and Enforcement by the Securities Commissioner and the Attorney General and Local Law Enforcement Officials
581‑3‑1. Nonexclusivity of Means of Enforcement
581‑4. Definitions
581‑5. Exempt Transactions
581‑6. Exempt Securities
581‑7. Permit or Registration for Issue by Commissioner; Information for Issuance of Permit or Registration
581‑8. Consent to Service
581‑9. Protection to Purchasers of Securities
581‑10. Examination of Application; Permit
581‑10‑1. Purposes
581‑11. Papers Filed With Commissioner; Records Open to Inspection
581‑12. Registration of Persons Selling Securities or Rendering Investment Advice
581‑12‑1. Notice Filing for Federal Covered Investment Advisers and Representatives of Federal Covered Investment Advisers
581‑13. Method and Condition of Registration Required for Dealer, Agent, Investment Adviser, or Investment Adviser Representative
581‑13‑1. Inspection
581‑14. Denial, Suspension or Revocation of Registration As Dealer, Agent, Investment Adviser, or Investment Adviser Representative
581‑15. Issuance of Registration Certificates to Dealers and Investment Advisers
581‑17. Form of Certificates to Dealers and Investment Advisers
581‑18. Registration of Agents of Dealers or of Representatives of Investment Advisers
581‑19. Annual Registration; Renewals
581‑20. Display or Advertisement of Fact of Registration Unlawful
581‑21. Posting Registration Certificates
581‑22. Regulation of Offers
581‑23. Cease and Desist Orders; Cease Publication Orders; List of Securities Offered
581‑23‑2. Emergency Cease and Desist Order
581‑24. Hearings Upon Exception to Actions of Commissioner
581‑25. Revocation of Registration of Any Dealer, Agent, Investment Adviser, or Investment Adviser Representative
581‑25‑1. Receiverships of Persons or Assets
581‑26. Notices by Registered Mail
581‑27. Judicial Review
581‑28. Investigations, Investigatory Materials, and Registration Related Materials
581‑28‑1. Adoption of Rules and Regulations
581‑29. Penal Provisions
581‑29‑1. Limitation
581‑29‑2. Aggregation of Amounts Involved in Securities Fraud
581‑29‑3. Criminal Responsibility of Corporation or Association
581‑30. Certified Copies of Papers Filed With Commissioner As Evidence
581‑31. Construction
581‑32. Injunctions, Restitution, and Civil Penalties
581‑33. Civil Liability With Respect to Issuance or Sale of a Security
581‑33‑1. Civil Liability of Investment Advisers and Investment Adviser Representatives
581‑33‑2. Stay of Recognition or Enforcement of Foreign Country Judgment
581‑34. Actions for Commission; Allegations and Proof of Compliance
581‑35. Fees
581‑35‑1. Fees for Sales of Excess Securities
581‑35‑2. Fees for Sales of Unregistered Securities
581‑36. Deposit to General Revenue Fund
581‑37. Pleading Exemptions
581‑38. Partial Invalidity; Severability
581‑39. Repeal of Securities Act and Insurance Securities Act Now in Effect; Saving Clause As to Pending Proceedings
581‑42. Reduced Fees
581‑43. Investor Education
581‑44. Crowdfunding

Title 22 Bonds--county, Municipal, Etc.

Title 28 Cities, Towns and Villages

Chapters 1 – 21
1. Cities and Towns
13. Home Rule
21. Housing

Title 32 Corporations

Title 34 County Finances

Title 44 Courts--commissioners

Title 47 Depositories

Chapter 2
2. County Depositories

Title 51 Eleemosynary Institutions

Chapter 1
1. General Provisions

Title 70 Heads of Departments

Title 71 Health--public

Title 83 Labor

Title 86 Lands--public

Title 105 Partnerships and Joint Stock Companies

Title 109 Pensions

Sections 1.01 – 6243k
1.01. Amendment, Restatement, and Consolidation
1.02. Definitions
1.03. Continued Existence
1.04. Exemption From Execution
1.05. Agreement May Not Supersede This Act
1.06. Other Pension System Established by State Law
1.07. Construction of Act
2.01. Definitions
2.02. Actuarial Assumptions
2.03. Elected Members of Board
2.04. Compensation
2.05. Officers
2.06. Quorum and Voting
2.07. Meetings; Minutes
2.08. Administration of Funds
2.09. Determination by Board
2.10. Testimony
2.11. Rulemaking
2.12. Gift, Grant, or Bequest
2.13. Confidentiality of Information About Members, Retirees, Annuitants, or Beneficiaries
3.01. Board of Trustees
3.02. Professional Consultants
3.03. Legal Advisor
3.04. Appointment of Administrator
3.05. Indemnity
3.06. Rules; Quorum; Removal
3.07. Board Records
3.08. Administration of Police Retirement System
3.09. Actuary; Duties
3.10. Investment Managers
3.11. Investment Consultant
3.12. Legal Counsel
3.13. Reimbursement of Legal Expenses of Board Member or Employee of System
3.14. Confidentiality of Information About Members, Retirees, Annuitants, or Beneficiaries
4.01. Payment of Administrative and Professional Services Fees
4.02. Use of Public Funds
4.03. Member Contributions
4.04. Refund of Group B Member Contributions
4.05. Investment Counselor; Qualifications
4.06. Investment Custody Account or Master Trust Agreements
4.07. Investment of Surplus
4.08. Actuarial Valuation
4.09. Rewards, Donations, and Contributions
4.011. Membership of Fire Chief and Police Chief
4.021. Contributions by a Municipality
4.023. Uniformed Service
5.01. Membership in Combined Pension Plan
5.02. Effective Date of Group B Membership
5.03. Termination of Group B Membership
5.04. Group B Membership May Be Declared Inactive
5.05. Pension Service
5.06. Vested Rights of Group B Members
5.07. Purchase of Pension Service by Group B Members
5.08. Members in Armed Services
5.09. Nonmilitary Leave of Absence
5.10. Emergency, Routine, or Statutorily Required Amendments by Board
5.11. Semiannual Meeting of Board and Governing Body
6.01. Group a Retirement Pension
6.02. Group B Retirement Pension
6.03. Disability Benefits
6.04. Calculation of Group a Disability Pension
6.05. Calculation of Group B Disability Benefits
6.06. General Rules Governing Death Benefits
6.07. Group a Death Benefits
6.08. Group B Death Benefits
6.09. Qualified Surviving Spouse Special Death Benefit
6.10. Suspension Rights
6.11. Minimum Benefits to Group B Primary Parties and Their Qualified Survivors
6.12. Adjustments to Retirement and Disability Pension Benefits
6.13. Guardianship
6.14. Deferred Retirement Option Plan
6.15. Medical Examination
6.16. Waiver of Benefits
6.18. Investigation
6.19. Certificate of Retirement
7.01. Amendment
7.02. Surviving Spouse of Retiree
7.03. Surviving Spouse of Former Firefighter
7.04. Investment Powers of the Board
7.05. Professional Consultants
7.06. Payments to Dependent Parents
7.08. Person Causing Death of Member or Beneficiary
7.09. Surviving Beneficiary of Certain Unmarried Members
7.51. Policy
8.01. Qualification Under Federal Tax Law
8.02. Excess Benefit Plan for Police Officers and Fire Fighters
8.03. Exemption of Benefits From Judicial Process
8.04. Manner of Administration
8.05. Funding of Benefits
8.06. Establishment of Drop Account at Retirement
8.08. Subsequent Disability of Drop Participant
8.09. Retirement Benefit Payable to Drop Participant
8.10. Termination or Modification of Drop by Fund
9.01. Time for Payment to Retired Members
9.02. Time for Payment to Survivors; Payment to Estate
9.03. Limitation on Payment of Benefits
9.04. Ineligibility for Disability Pension
9.05. No Integration With Social Security
9.06. Withdrawal of Contributions
9.07. Escheat of Contributions
9.08. Insufficient Funds; Prorated Reduction in Benefits
9.09. Reduction in Benefit Payments on Request
9.10. Optional Retirement Annuity
10.01. Municipal and Member Contributions
10.02. Pickup of Firefighter Contributions
10.03. Contributions and Income As Assets of Fund
10.04. Interest on Individual Accounts
10.05. Designation of Beneficiary by Board
10.06. Modification of Severance and Death Benefits
11.01. Investments
11.03. Investment Policy
11.04. Fiduciaries
12.01. Administrator and Employees
12.02. Legal Counsel
12.03. Actuary
12.04. Investment Counselors and Managers; Custodian of Assets
12.05. Medical Board
12.06. Retirement Counseling
12.07. Audits; Employment of Certified Public Accountants
12.08. Civil Actions for Money Wrongfully Paid out or Obtained
13.01. Transfer of Eligible Rollover Distributions
13.02. Mandatory Distributions Prohibited
6205. To Whom Granted
6208. Application Requirements
6209. Proof, How Made
6210. Out of County
6212. Proof by Affidavit
6213. Soldier Must Have Served Honorably
6214. What Constitutes Indigency
6215. Payments; Affidavit; Warrant
6217. Pensions Denied to Whom
6218. Fees Limited
6220. Persons Not Entitled to
6221. Appropriation, How Allotted
6222. Perpetuation of Evidence
6223. Statement Filed
6224. Widow May Establish Identity
6225. Examination of Record
6226. Shall Strike From Roll
6227. Mortuary Warrant
6228h. Assumption of Pension Liabilities of Participating Subdivision by Annexing Governmental Entity
6228j. Retirement, Disability and Death Benefit Systems for Appointive County Employees
6243‑2. Purpose
6243k. Retirement, Disability and Death Benefit Systems for Appointive City or Town Employees

Title 112 Railroads

Title 116 Roads, Bridges, and Ferries

Title 117 Salaries

Title 132 Occupational and Business Regulation