Texas Property Code

Sec. § 301.132
Pattern or Practice Case


On the request of the commission, the attorney general may file a civil action in district court for appropriate relief if the commission has reasonable cause to believe that:


a person is engaged in a pattern or practice of resistance to the full enjoyment of a right granted under this chapter; or


a person has been denied a right granted by this chapter and that denial raises an issue of general public importance.


In an action under this section the court may:


award preventive relief, including a permanent or temporary injunction, restraining order, or other order against the person responsible for a violation of this chapter as necessary to assure the full enjoyment of the rights granted by this chapter;


award other appropriate relief, including monetary damages, reasonable attorney fees, and court costs; and


to vindicate the public interest, assess a civil penalty against the respondent in an amount that does not exceed:


$50,000 for a first violation; and


$100,000 for a second or subsequent violation.


A person may intervene in an action under this section if the person is:


a person aggrieved by the discriminatory housing practice; or


a party to a conciliation agreement concerning the discriminatory housing practice.
Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 40, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

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