Texas Parks and Wildlife Code

Sec. § 77.040
Other Licenses Required


A person holding a commercial shrimp boat license under this subchapter is not required to obtain a commercial fishing boat license under Section 47.007 (Commercial Fishing Boat License) of this code.


The captain of a commercial shrimp boat who holds a commercial shrimp boat captain’s license and each paid member of the crew of a boat having a commercial shrimp boat license issued under this subchapter are not required to have a general commercial fisherman’s license issued under Section 47.002 (General Commercial Fisherman’s License) of this code, a commercial finfish fisherman’s license issued under Section 47.003 of this code, or a bait dealer’s license issued under Section 47.014 (Bait Dealer’s License) of this code to catch and unload aquatic products lawfully taken incidental to lawful shrimping.


The captain and each crew member of a licensed commercial shrimp boat must possess and produce on request to any enforcement officer proof of the person’s identity.
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