Texas Parks and Wildlife Code

Sec. § 77.014
Method of Taking Count


An authorized employee of the department shall take the count of shrimp in the presence of the person possessing the shrimp.


The employee shall select a minimum of three representative samples for each 1,000 pounds or fraction of 1,000 pounds of headless or heads-on shrimp being sampled.


Each sample must weigh five pounds after draining at least three minutes.


The count per pound for the sample is determined by dividing the number of specimens in the sample by five.


The average count per pound for the entire quantity being sampled is determined by totalling the count per pound for each sample and dividing that total by the number of samples.


The average count per pound as determined under this section is prima facie evidence of the average count per pound of the shrimp in the entire cargo or quantity of shrimp sampled.


Headless and heads-on shrimp shall be sampled, weighed, and counted separately.
Acts 1975, 64th Leg., p. 1405, ch. 545, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1975.

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