Tex. Occ. Code Section 455.203
Practice by Massage School or Instructor at School


A massage school must meet the minimum standards of operation established by commission rule.


An instructor must meet the minimum requirements established by commission rule.


A massage school or massage therapy instructor licensed under this chapter shall give each prospective student a notice that clearly states the number of course hours that the student must successfully complete before the student is eligible to hold a massage therapist license under this chapter.


The notice under Subsection (c) must be given to the prospective student at a time and in a manner that provides the student with a sufficient opportunity to read the notice and, if necessary for understanding and clarity, discuss the notice with massage school officials or with the massage therapy instructor before:


the student signs an enrollment contract; and


the massage school or the massage therapy instructor accepts the student in a course of study.


The course of instruction in massage therapy provided by a licensed massage school is a postsecondary education program.


A massage school that provides instruction to persons beyond the age of compulsory education is authorized to operate educational programs in massage therapy at the postsecondary level.
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