Texas Labor Code

Sec. § 406.009
Collecting and Maintaining Information; Monitoring and Enforcing Compliance


The division shall collect and maintain the information required under this subchapter and shall monitor compliance with the requirements of this subchapter.


The commissioner may adopt rules as necessary to enforce this subchapter.


The commissioner may designate a data collection agent, implement an electronic reporting and public information access program, and adopt rules as necessary to implement the data collection requirements of this subchapter. The commissioner may establish the form, manner, and procedure for the transmission of information to the division. A data collection agent designated under this subsection must be qualified and may collect fees in the manner described by Section 401.024 (Transmission of Information).


The division may require an employer or insurance carrier subject to this subtitle to identify or confirm an employer’s coverage status and claim administration contact information as necessary to achieve the purposes of this subtitle.


An employer or insurance carrier commits an administrative violation if that person fails to comply with Subsection (d).
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Amended by:
Acts 2005, 79th Leg., Ch. 265 (H.B. 7), Sec. 3.028, eff. September 1, 2005.
Acts 2011, 82nd Leg., R.S., Ch. 410 (S.B. 800), Sec. 2, eff. June 17, 2011.

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