Texas Education Code

Sec. § 38.036
Trauma-informed Care Policy


Each school district shall adopt and implement a policy requiring the integration of trauma-informed practices in each school environment. A district must include the policy in the district improvement plan required under Section 11.252 (District-level Planning and Decision-making).


A policy required by this section must address:


using resources developed by the agency, methods for:


increasing staff and parent awareness of trauma-informed care; and


implementation of trauma-informed practices and care by district and campus staff; and


available counseling options for students affected by trauma or grief.


The methods under Subsection (b)(1) for increasing awareness and implementation of trauma-informed care must include training as provided by this subsection. The training must be provided:


through a program selected from the list of recommended best practice-based programs and research-based practices established under Section 161.325 (Mental Health Promotion and Intervention, Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention, and Suicide Prevention), Health and Safety Code;


as part of any new employee orientation for all new school district educators; and


to existing school district educators on a schedule adopted by the agency by rule that requires educators to be trained at intervals necessary to keep educators informed of developments in the field.


For any training under Subsection (c), each school district shall maintain records that include the name of each district staff member who participated in the training.


Each school district shall report annually to the agency the following information for the district as a whole and for each school campus:


the number of teachers, principals, and counselors employed by the district who have completed training under this section; and


the total number of teachers, principals, and counselors employed by the district.


If a school district determines that the district does not have sufficient resources to provide the training required under Subsection (c), the district may partner with a community mental health organization to provide training that meets the requirements of Subsection (c) at no cost to the district.


The commissioner shall adopt rules as necessary to administer this section.
Added by Acts 2019, 86th Leg., R.S., Ch. 464 (S.B. 11), Sec. 18, eff. June 6, 2019.

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