Texas Education Code
Sec. § 103.10
Joint Programs


Both civilian and military student personnel shall be eligible to enroll in joint programs. All joint program students shall register at the university and shall receive appropriate credit from the university.


Students enrolled at the university in joint programs shall pay the regular tuition fees as provided by law. The university shall collect an initial administrative fee in the amount of $25 from military student personnel who receive all their instruction at the air force base solely by air force personnel in lieu of such regular tuition fees. No state appropriations shall be made for instructional costs for semester credit hours taught at the air force base by air force personnel. Civilian students shall be subject to the general tuition provisions set forth in this code for all credit hours taught.


(1) No training may be given to students in any of the following areas:


the prescribing of ophthalmic lenses for the human eye or the prescribing of contact lenses for the human eye, or the fitting or adaptation of contact lenses to the human eye;


the prescribing, whether written or oral, of the use of any optical device in connection with ocular exercises, visual training, vision training, or orthoptics; or


optometric technology or ophthalmological technology other than those courses of training being offered to military trainees at Sheppard Air Force Base on May 17, 1973; provided, however, training in the use of screening devices or orthoptic training devices may be given to the students.


It is the intent of the above restrictions that training may not be given to students on subjects of visual care involving the exercise of professional judgment required of licensed physicians or optometrists.


Military students who receive all of their instruction on the military base shall be exempt from all student service fees and building use fees.
Added by Acts 1973, 63rd Leg., p. 522, ch. 225, Sec. 1, eff. Aug. 27, 1973.
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