Tex. Code of Crim. Proc. Article 66.402
Certification Required

Before allocating money to a county from any federal or state grant program for the enhancement of criminal justice programs, an agency of the state must certify that, using all or part of the allocated money, the county has taken or will take all action necessary to provide the Department of Public Safety and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice any criminal history records maintained by the county in the manner specified for purposes of those departments.
Added by Acts 2017, 85th Leg., R.S., Ch. 1058 (H.B. 2931), Sec. 1.03, eff. January 1, 2019.

Source: Article 66.402 — Certification Required, https://statutes.­capitol.­texas.­gov/Docs/CR/htm/CR.­66.­htm#66.­402 (accessed Jun. 5, 2024).

Jun. 5, 2024

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