Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code
Sec. § 103.23
Allocation of Proceeds of Sale

Proceeds from a forfeiture sale and proceeds in escrow which are forfeited to the state in a forfeiture suit shall be disposed of by depositing 35 percent of the proceeds in a separate fund in the state treasury designated as the confiscated liquor fund and depositing 65 percent of the proceeds in the general revenue fund. The confiscated liquor fund may be appropriated to the commission to defray the expenses of accumulating evidence pertaining to violations of this code; assembling, storing, transporting, selling, and accounting for confiscated alcoholic beverages, containers, devices, and property; and any other purposes deemed necessary by the commission in administering and enforcing this code. Any unexpended balance in the confiscated liquor fund at the end of a biennium shall remain in the fund subject to further appropriation for the same purposes.
Acts 1977, 65th Leg., p. 510, ch. 194, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1977.
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