Texas Water Code
Sec. § 63.095
Vacancies on Commission


A vacancy in the office of elected commissioner shall be filled by appointment by the commission itself for the unexpired term.


If two vacancies occur at the same time, the remaining commissioner shall call a special election to fill the vacancies.


If the remaining commissioner fails to call a special election within 15 days after the vacancies occur, or if the third place is vacant also, the judge of the district court of the judicial district in which the district is located may order the election on the petition of any voter or creditor of the district. The district judge shall fix the date of the election, order the publication of notice of the election by the county clerk, and name the officers to hold the election. The returns of an election held by order of the district judge shall be made and filed in the office of the clerk of the district court, and the clerk shall declare the result of the election.
Acts 1971, 62nd Leg., p. 110, ch. 58, Sec. 1, eff. Aug. 30, 1971.
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