Texas Water Code
Sec. § 49.222
Eminent Domain


A district or water supply corporation may acquire by condemnation any land, easements, or other property inside or outside the district boundaries, or the boundaries of the certificated service area for a water supply corporation, necessary for water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, or flood drainage or control purposes or for any other of its projects or purposes, and may elect to condemn either the fee simple title or a lesser property interest.


The right of eminent domain shall be exercised in the manner provided in Chapter 21 (Eminent Domain), Property Code, except that a district or a water supply corporation shall not be required to give bond for appeal or bond for costs in any condemnation suit or other suit to which it is a party and shall not be required to deposit more than the amount of any award in any suit.


The power of eminent domain may not be used for the condemnation of land for the purpose of acquiring rights to underground water or of water or water rights.
Added by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 715, Sec. 2, eff. Sept. 1, 1995.
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