Texas Transportation Code
Sec. § 203.021
Public Hearings


For a highway project that bypasses or goes through a county or municipality, including a home-rule municipality, the commission shall hold at least one public hearing in the locality before an authorized representative of the commission.


Notice of the hearing shall be by publication in the locality. The hearing shall be held not less than three or more than 10 days after the date of publication.


At least seven days before the date of the public hearing, the department shall file with the governing body of the county or municipality the design and schematic layout of the project.


A person interested in the development of the project is entitled to attend the hearing and discuss and inspect the design and schematic layout filed with the governing body.
Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 165, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1995.
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