Texas Special District Local Laws Code
Sec. § 8288.205
Additional Security


District bonds may be additionally secured, at the discretion of the board, by a deed of trust or mortgage lien on all or part of the district’s physical property, facilities, easements, water rights and appropriation permits, leases, contracts, and all rights appurtenant to the property, vesting in the trustee power to:


sell the property for the payment of the debt;


operate the property; and


take other action to further secure the bonds.


A purchaser under a sale under the deed of trust lien, if one is given:


is the absolute owner of the property, facilities, and rights purchased; and


is entitled to maintain and operate the property, facilities, and rights.
Added by Acts 2009, 81st Leg., R.S., Ch. 1139 (H.B. 2619), Sec. 1.04, eff. April 1, 2011.
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