Tex. Occ. Code Section 2305.004
Register of Used Motor Vehicle Sales and Purchases


A person subject to this subchapter shall maintain a register of each sale or purchase the person makes of a used motor vehicle.


If the person buys a used motor vehicle, the register must contain:


the make and model, the number of cylinders, the motor number, the vehicle identification number, and the passenger capacity of the motor vehicle, if applicable;


the name, date of birth, usual place of address, and official identification number of each person claiming to be the owner of the motor vehicle; and


the state registration number of the motor vehicle, if applicable.


If the person sells a used motor vehicle, in addition to the requirements of Subsection (b), the register must contain the name and address of the purchaser of the motor vehicle.
Added by Acts 2001, 77th Leg., ch. 1421, Sec. 5, eff. June 1, 2003.
Amended by:
Acts 2005, 79th Leg., Ch. 761 (H.B. 3221), Sec. 4, eff. September 1, 2005.

Source: Section 2305.004 — Register of Used Motor Vehicle Sales and Purchases, https://statutes.­capitol.­texas.­gov/Docs/OC/htm/OC.­2305.­htm#2305.­004 (accessed Jun. 5, 2024).

Jun. 5, 2024

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