Texas Natural Resources Code

Sec. § 161.508
Fees; Interest


All fees to be charged to a person who receives a loan must be approved by the board.


Any fees or expenses incurred in connection with a loan, including the cost of insurance, may be charged to the loan recipient and included in the principal amount of the loan.


A loan must bear a fixed, variable, floating, or other rate or rates of interest determined by the board. The board may set the interest rate or rates to provide a margin over the rate paid by the board on bonds issued by the board under this chapter.


The difference between the cost of the money to the board and the interest rate or rates charged to a loan recipient may be used in whole or in part to defray the expense of administering the program.


To ensure the maximum benefit of the program to the loan recipient, the board shall adopt rules:


relating to the fees, charges, and interest rates that may be charged by a lending institution in connection with financing the purchase of land with money that does not come from the fund; and


limiting to the maximum extent practical the fees, charges, and interest rates to the fees, charges, and interest rates that would be collected by the lending institution in the normal course of the institution’s mortgage lending business.
Added by Acts 2001, 77th Leg., ch. 333, Sec. 2, eff. May 21, 2001.

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