Texas Election Code
Sec. § 15.022
Correction of Registration Records


The registrar shall make the appropriate corrections in the registration records, including, if necessary, deleting a voter’s name from the suspense list:


after receipt of a notice of a change in registration information under Section 15.021;


after receipt of a voter’s reply to a notice of investigation given under Section 16.033;


after receipt of any affidavits executed under Section 63.006, following an election;


after receipt of a voter’s statement of residence executed under Section 63.0011;


before the effective date of the abolishment of a county election precinct or a change in its boundary;


after receipt of United States Postal Service information indicating an address reclassification;


after receipt of a voter’s response under Section 15.053; or


after receipt of a registration application or change of address under Chapter 20.


At least monthly, the registrar shall request from the United States Postal Service any available information indicating address reclassifications affecting the registered voters of the county.
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Amended by:
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