Texas Agriculture Code
Sec. § 125.006
Material Safety Data Sheets


Chemical manufacturers and distributors shall provide appropriate MSDSs to purchasers in this state of chemicals covered by this chapter.


Employers covered by this chapter shall maintain the most current MSDS received from manufacturers or distributors for each purchased chemical covered by this chapter. If an MSDS has not been provided by the manufacturer or distributor for chemicals on the workplace chemical list at the time the chemicals are received at the workplace, the employer shall request one in writing from the manufacturer or distributor in a timely manner. This chapter does not require an employer who is not a chemical manufacturer to create an MSDS.


The department may require any person who has or obtains a registration for a pesticide under Sections 76.041-76.048 of this code to provide with the registration a copy of the most current and complete MSDS for that pesticide.


The department by rule may require chemical manufacturers to submit MSDSs for chemicals covered by this chapter, excluding chemicals covered by Subsection (c) of this section.


All MSDSs in the files of the department are public records.
Added by Acts 1987, 70th Leg., ch. 903, Sec. 1.
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May. 25, 2020