Texas Agriculture Code
Sec. § 101.010
Transporting Agent or Buying Agent Identification Card


In accordance with the rules of the department, a license holder may apply to the department for a reasonable number of identification cards for:


transporting agents to act for the license holder in the transporting of perishable commodities; and


buying agents to act for the license holder in any act requiring licensing under Section 101.003 (License Required) of this code.


The department shall collect a fee, as provided by department rule, for each card and shall issue transporting agent cards in a color different from buying agent cards.


An identification card must bear:


the name of the licensee;


the number of the licensee’s license;


the name of the agent; and


a statement that the licensee, as principal, has authorized the agent named on the card to act for and on behalf of the licensee, either as buying agent or transporting agent, as applicable.


A buying agent or transporting agent shall carry the identification card on the agent’s person at all times. On demand of the department or any person with whom the agent is transacting business, the agent shall display the identification card.


If the holder of an identification card ceases to be the agent of the licensee, the agent shall immediately return the card to the department for cancellation.
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