Texas Transportation Code
Sec. § 547.305
Restrictions on Use of Lights


A motor vehicle lamp or illuminating device, other than a headlamp, spotlamp, auxiliary lamp, turn signal lamp, or emergency vehicle, tow truck, or school bus warning lamp, that projects a beam with an intensity brighter than 300 candlepower shall be directed so that no part of the high-intensity portion of the beam strikes the roadway at a distance of more than 75 feet from the vehicle.


Except as expressly authorized by law, a person may not operate or move equipment or a vehicle, other than a police vehicle, with a lamp or device that displays a red light visible from directly in front of the center of the equipment or vehicle.


A person may not operate a motor vehicle equipped with a red, white, or blue beacon, flashing, or alternating light unless the equipment is:


used as specifically authorized by this chapter; or


a running lamp, headlamp, taillamp, backup lamp, or turn signal lamp that is used as authorized by law.


A vehicle may be equipped with alternately flashing lighting equipment described by Section 547.701 (Additional Equipment Requirements for School Buses and Other Buses Used to Transport Schoolchildren) or 547.702 (Additional Equipment Requirements for Authorized Emergency Vehicles) only if the vehicle is:


a school bus;


an authorized emergency vehicle;


a church bus that has the words “church bus” printed on the front and rear of the bus so as to be clearly discernable to other vehicle operators;


a tow truck while under the direction of a law enforcement officer at the scene of an accident or while hooking up to a disabled vehicle on a roadway; or


a tow truck with a mounted light bar which has turn signals and stop lamps in addition to those required by Sections 547.322 (Taillamps Required), 547.323 (Stoplamps Required), and 547.324 (Turn Signal Lamps Required), Transportation Code.


A person may not operate a highway maintenance or construction vehicle or service vehicle that is not equipped with lamps or that does not display lighted lamps as required by the standards and specifications adopted by the Texas Department of Transportation.


A security patrol vehicle may only be equipped with green, amber, or white lights.


A motor vehicle is equipped with a lamp or illuminating device under this section regardless of whether the lamp or illuminating device is:


attached to the motor vehicle temporarily or permanently; or




An escort flag vehicle may be equipped with alternating or flashing blue and amber lights.


A vehicle described by Section 545.157 (Passing Certain Vehicles)(a) may be equipped with flashing blue lights.


In this section:


“Escort flag vehicle” means a vehicle that precedes or follows an oversize or overweight vehicle described by Subtitle E for the purpose of facilitating the safe movement of the oversize or overweight vehicle over roads.


“Security patrol vehicle” means a motor vehicle being used for the purpose of providing security services by:


a guard company described by Section 1702.108 (Guard Company), Occupations Code; or


a security officer as defined by Section 1702.002 (Definitions), Occupations Code.


“Tow truck” means a motor vehicle or mechanical device that is adapted or used to tow, winch, or move a disabled vehicle.
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