Texas Special District Local Laws Code
Sec. § 8270.154
Cost of Relocating or Altering Property


In this section, “sole expense” means the actual cost of relocating, raising, lowering, rerouting, or changing the grade of or altering the construction of a facility described by Subsection (b) in providing comparable replacement without enhancement of the facility, after deducting from that cost the net salvage value of the old facility.


If the district’s exercise of the power of eminent domain, the power of relocation, or any other power conferred by this chapter makes necessary relocating, raising, rerouting, changing the grade, or altering the construction of a highway, a railroad, an electric transmission line, a telegraph or telephone property or facility, or a pipeline, the necessary action shall be accomplished at the sole expense of the district.
Redesignated from Special District Local Laws Code, Chapter 9013 and amended by Acts 2009, 81st Leg., R.S., Ch. 87 (S.B. 1969), Sec. 21.101, eff. September 1, 2009.
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