Tex. Ins. Code Section 37.053
Effectiveness of Rate During Appeal


An order of the commissioner that determines, approves, or sets a rate under this code and that is appealed remains in effect during the pendency of the appeal. An insurer shall use the rate provided in the order while the appeal is pending.


The rate is lawful and valid during the appeal, and an insurer may not be required to make any refund from that rate after a decision on the appeal is rendered.


If the order is vacated on appeal, the rate established by the commissioner before the vacated order was rendered remains in effect from the date of remand until the commissioner makes a further determination. The commissioner shall consider the court’s order in setting a future rate.
Added by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1274, Sec. 12, eff. April 1, 2005.

Source: Section 37.053 — Effectiveness of Rate During Appeal, https://statutes.­capitol.­texas.­gov/Docs/IN/htm/IN.­37.­htm#37.­053 (accessed Nov. 25, 2023).

Nov. 25, 2023

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