Tex. Health & Safety Code Section 343.002

In this chapter:


“Abate” means to eliminate or remedy:


by removal, repair, rehabilitation, or demolition;


in the case of a nuisance under Section 343.011 (Public Nuisance)(c)(1), (9), or (10), by prohibition or control of access; and


in the case of a nuisance under Section 343.011 (Public Nuisance)(c)(12), by removal, remediation, storage, transportation, disposal, or other means of waste management authorized by Chapter 361 (Solid Waste Disposal Act).


“Building” means a structure built for the support, shelter, or enclosure of a person, animal, chattel, machine, equipment, or other moveable property.


“Garbage” means decayable waste from a public or private establishment or restaurant. The term includes vegetable, animal, and fish offal and animal and fish carcasses, but does not include sewage, body waste, or an industrial by-product.


“Neighborhood” means:


a platted subdivision; or


property contiguous to and within 300 feet of a platted subdivision.


“Platted subdivision” means a subdivision that has its approved or unapproved plat recorded with the county clerk of the county in which the subdivision is located.


“Premises” means all privately owned property, including vacant land or a building designed or used for residential, commercial, business, industrial, or religious purposes. The term includes a yard, ground, walk, driveway, fence, porch, steps, or other structure appurtenant to the property.


“Public street” means the entire width between property lines of a road, street, way, thoroughfare, or bridge if any part of the road, street, way, thoroughfare, or bridge is open to the public for vehicular or pedestrian traffic.


“Receptacle” means a container that is composed of durable material and designed to prevent the discharge of its contents and to make its contents inaccessible to animals, vermin, or other pests.


“Refuse” means garbage, rubbish, paper, and other decayable and nondecayable waste, including vegetable matter and animal and fish carcasses.


“Rubbish” means nondecayable waste from a public or private establishment or residence.


“Undeveloped land” means land in a natural, primitive state that lacks improvements, infrastructure, or utilities and that is located in an unincorporated area at least 5,000 feet outside the boundaries of a home-rule municipality.


“Weeds” means all rank and uncultivated vegetable growth or matter that:


has grown to more than 36 inches in height; or


creates an unsanitary condition likely to attract or harbor mosquitoes, rodents, vermin, or other disease-carrying pests, regardless of the height of the weeds.


“Flea market” means an outdoor or indoor market, conducted on non-residential premises, for selling secondhand articles or antiques, unless conducted by a religious, educational, fraternal, or charitable organization.
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Amended by:
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Source: Section 343.002 — Definitions, https://statutes.­capitol.­texas.­gov/Docs/HS/htm/HS.­343.­htm#343.­002 (accessed Dec. 2, 2023).

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