Tex. Fam. Code Section 1.001
Applicability of Definitions


The definitions in this subchapter apply to this title.


Except as provided by this subchapter, the definitions in Chapter 101 (Definitions) apply to terms used in this title.


If, in another part of this title, a term defined by this subchapter has a meaning different from the meaning provided by this subchapter, the meaning of that other provision prevails.
Added by Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 7, Sec. 1, eff. April 17, 1997.

Source: Section 1.001 — Applicability of Definitions, https://statutes.­capitol.­texas.­gov/Docs/FA/htm/FA.­1.­htm#1.­001 (accessed Jun. 5, 2024).

Jun. 5, 2024

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