Tex. Local Gov't Code Section 325.069
Repayment of Organizational Expenses


The board may pay all costs and expenses necessarily incurred in the creation and organization of the district, legal fees, and other incidental expenses and may reimburse any person for money advanced for those purposes.


Payments may be made from money obtained from the sale of bonds first issued by the district or other revenues of the district.
Added by Acts 1989, 71st Leg., ch. 437, Sec. 1, eff. Aug. 28, 1989.

Source: Section 325.069 — Repayment of Organizational Expenses, https://statutes.­capitol.­texas.­gov/Docs/LG/htm/LG.­325.­htm#325.­069 (accessed Jun. 5, 2024).

Jun. 5, 2024

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