Texas Local Government Code
Sec. § 240.910
Regulation of Litter and Mosquito Control in Certain Counties


This section applies only to a county located on an international border and adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico.


In this section:


“Illegally dumped litter” means litter dumped anywhere other than in an approved solid waste site, as defined by Section 365.011 (Definitions), Health and Safety Code.


“Litter” has the meaning assigned by Section 365.011 (Definitions), Health and Safety Code.


In addition to the authority granted under Section 365.017 (Regulation of Litter in Certain Counties), Health and Safety Code, the commissioners court of a county may adopt and enforce orders to:


control the disposal of litter and the removal of illegally dumped litter from public or private property; and


regulate the storage or abandonment of property, including tires and appliances, on public or private property that creates a nuisance or habitat conducive to mosquito breeding.


An order adopted under this section:


applies only to the unincorporated area of the county;


may require the record property owner to pay for the cost of enforcing the order on the property owner’s land if the commissioners court gives the property owner 30 days’ written notice of the enforcement action; and


may not regulate manufactured or industrialized housing constructed to state or federal building standards in a manner that is different from regulation of site-built housing.


This section does not authorize the adoption of:


zoning regulations not otherwise authorized under Chapter 231 (County Zoning Authority); or


building regulations not otherwise authorized under Chapter 233 (County Regulation of Housing and Other Structures).
Added by Acts 2019, 86th Leg., R.S., Ch. 350 (H.B. 2566), Sec. 1, eff. June 2, 2019.
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