Tex. Local Gov't Code Section 146.017
Agreement Supersedes Conflicting Provisions

A written meet and confer agreement ratified under this chapter preempts, during the term of the agreement and to the extent of any conflict, all contrary state statutes, local ordinances, executive orders, civil service provisions, or rules adopted by this state or a political subdivision or agent of this state, including a personnel board, civil service commission, or home-rule municipality, other than a statute, ordinance, executive order, civil service provision, or rule regarding pensions or pension-related matters.
Added by Acts 2005, 79th Leg., Ch. 1144 (H.B. 2866), Sec. 2, eff. September 1, 2005.

Source: Section 146.017 — Agreement Supersedes Conflicting Provisions, https://statutes.­capitol.­texas.­gov/Docs/LG/htm/LG.­146.­htm#146.­017 (accessed Jun. 5, 2024).

Jun. 5, 2024

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