Tex. Local Gov't Code Section 117.025
Designation of Depository


After a bank selected to be a depository under this subchapter qualifies under Section 117.024 (Qualification as Depository) and is selected by the commissioners court, the commissioners court shall by an order entered in its minutes designate the bank or banks as the depository for the registry funds.


A designation under Subsection (a) is effective until the designation and qualification of a successor depository or until April 15 following the expiration of the contract, whichever is earlier. If the term of a depository ends before the designation and qualification of a successor, the depository shall pay to the clerk in whose name the account is carried all registry funds due or on deposit.


A designated depository shall provide security for the funds deposited into the registry fund accounts in the same manner as Subchapter C (Qualification as Depository or Subdepository), Chapter 116 (Depositories for County Public Funds).
Acts 1987, 70th Leg., ch. 149, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1987. Amended by Acts 1989, 71st Leg., ch. 1, Sec. 17(d), eff. Aug. 28, 1989; Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 505, Sec. 7, eff. Sept. 1, 1997.
Amended by:
Acts 2007, 80th Leg., R.S., Ch. 899 (H.B. 2641), Sec. 7, eff. June 15, 2007.

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