Texas Government Code

Sec. § 74.043
Facilities; Funding


Adequate quarters for the operation of each administrative region and the preservation of its records shall be provided in the courthouse of the county in which the presiding judge resides.


Except for the salaries, compensation, and expenses provided by state appropriations, the counties composing the administrative region shall pay, out of the general funds of the counties, the salaries, compensation, and expenses authorized and incurred to administer this chapter, including expenses for the purchase of professional liability insurance policies for regional presiding judges.


Except as provided by Section 74.051 (Compensation), the salaries, compensation, and expenses shall be paid through the county budget process of each county in the region in proportion to the population of the counties comprising the region and on certificates of approval of the presiding judge.
Renumbered from Sec. 74.003 and amended by Acts 1987, 70th Leg., ch. 674, Sec. 2.02, eff. Aug. 31, 1987.

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