Tex. Gov't Code Section 44.230
Kendall County


The criminal district attorney of Kendall County must meet the following qualifications:


be at least 30 years old;


have been a practicing attorney in this state for at least five years; and


have been a resident of Kendall County for at least one year before election or appointment.


The criminal district attorney has all the powers, duties, and privileges in Kendall County that are conferred by law on county and district attorneys in the various counties and districts.


The criminal district attorney shall attend each term and session of the district and inferior courts of Kendall County, except municipal courts, held for the transaction of criminal business and shall exclusively represent the state in all criminal matters before those courts.


The criminal district attorney shall represent Kendall County in any court in which the county has pending business. This subsection does not require the criminal district attorney to represent the county in a delinquent tax suit or condemnation proceeding and does not prevent the county from retaining other legal counsel in a civil matter at any time it considers appropriate to do so.


The criminal district attorney shall collect the fees, commissions, and perquisites that are provided by law for similar services rendered by a district or county attorney.


The criminal district attorney is entitled to receive in equal monthly installments compensation from the state equal to the amount paid by the state to district attorneys. The state compensation shall be paid by the comptroller as appropriated by the legislature. The Commissioners Court of Kendall County shall pay the criminal district attorney an additional amount so that the total compensation of the criminal district attorney equals at least 90 percent of the total salary paid to the judge of the 451st District Court in Kendall County. The compensation paid by the county shall be paid in semiweekly or bimonthly installments, as determined by the commissioners court.


The criminal district attorney or the Commissioners Court of Kendall County may accept gifts and grants from any individual, partnership, corporation, trust, foundation, association, or governmental entity for the purpose of financing or assisting effective prosecution, crime prevention or suppression, rehabilitation of offenders, substance abuse education, treatment and prevention, or crime victim assistance programs in Kendall County. The criminal district attorney shall account for and report to the commissioners court all gifts or grants accepted under this subsection.


The criminal district attorney, for the purpose of conducting affairs of the office, may appoint a staff composed of assistant criminal district attorneys, investigators, stenographers, clerks, and other personnel that the commissioners court may authorize. The salary of a staff member is an amount recommended by the criminal district attorney and approved by the commissioners court. The commissioners court shall pay the salaries of the staff in equal semiweekly or bimonthly installments from county funds.


The criminal district attorney shall, with the advice and consent of the commissioners court, designate one or more individuals to act as an assistant criminal district attorney with exclusive responsibility for assisting the commissioners court. An individual designated as an assistant criminal district attorney under this subsection must have extensive experience in representing public entities and knowledge of the laws affecting counties, including the open meetings and open records laws under Chapters 551 (Open Meetings) and 552 (Public Information).


Kendall County is entitled to receive from the state an amount equal to the amount provided in the General Appropriations Act to district attorneys for the payment of staff salaries and office expenses.


The legislature may provide for additional staff members to be paid from state funds if it considers supplementation of the criminal district attorney’s staff to be necessary.


The criminal district attorney and assistant criminal district attorney may not engage in the private practice of law or receive a fee for the referral of a case.
Added by Acts 2015, 84th Leg., R.S., Ch. 1182 (S.B. 1139), Sec. 2.02(d), eff. January 1, 2017.

Source: Section 44.230 — Kendall County, https://statutes.­capitol.­texas.­gov/Docs/GV/htm/GV.­44.­htm#44.­230 (accessed Jun. 5, 2024).

Jun. 5, 2024

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