Texas Government Code
Sec. § 411.067
Administrative Parking Violations


The department may adopt rules for the assessment of an administrative fine of $25 for violations of the parking rules adopted under Section 411.063 (Rules Relating to Parking and Vehicles). Notwithstanding the provisions of Sections 411.065 (Offenses) and 411.066 (Jurisdiction), the department may issue an administrative citation for a parking violation.


Rules adopted under this section shall:


establish a system for enforcement of administrative citations, including assessment of a late fee not to exceed $5 and towing, impoundment, or immobilization of vehicles; and


provide a procedure of administrative review within the highway patrol district that includes the Capitol Complex and, on request of the person assessed an administrative fine, further judicial review by the department filing the appropriate citation or complaint in a court, as provided in Section 411.066 (Jurisdiction).


The administrative review provided for in Subsection (b) shall not be considered a contested case under Chapter 2001 (Administrative Procedure) or Chapter 2003 (State Office of Administrative Hearings).


The department shall remit to the comptroller for deposit in the general revenue fund each administrative fine and late fee collected under this section. The money deposited may be appropriated only to the department for security and parking in the highway patrol district that includes the Capitol Complex.
Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 790, Sec. 14, eff. Sept. 1, 1993. Amended by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 76, Sec. 5.95(50), (76), eff. Sept. 1, 1995.
Amended by:
Acts 2009, 81st Leg., R.S., Ch. 1146 (H.B. 2730), Sec. 20.01, eff. September 1, 2009.
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