Tex. Gov't Code Section 154.101
Certification of Reporters


A person may not be appointed an official court reporter or a deputy court reporter unless the person is certified as a shorthand reporter by the supreme court.


A person may not engage in shorthand reporting in this state unless the person is certified as:


a shorthand reporter by the supreme court under this section; or


an apprentice court reporter or provisional court reporter certified as authorized by Section 154.1011 (Apprentice Court Reporter and Provisional Court Reporter Certifications), subject to the terms of the person’s certification.


A certification issued under this section must be for one or more of the following methods of shorthand reporting:


written shorthand;


machine shorthand;


oral stenography; or


any other method of shorthand reporting authorized by the supreme court.


A person certified under state law as a court reporter before September 1, 1983, may retain a general certification authorizing the person to use any authorized method of shorthand reporting. The person must keep the certification in continuous effect.


A person may not assume or use the title or designation “court recorder,” “court reporter,” or “shorthand reporter,” or any abbreviation, title, designation, words, letters, sign, card, or device tending to indicate that the person is a court reporter or shorthand reporter, unless the person is certified as a shorthand reporter or provisional court reporter by the supreme court. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to either sanction or prohibit the use of electronic court recording equipment operated according to rules adopted or approved by the supreme court.


Except as provided by Section 154.112 (Employment of Noncertified Person for Shorthand Reporting; Civil Penalty) and by Section 20.001 (Persons Who May Take a Deposition on Written Questions), Civil Practice and Remedies Code, all depositions conducted in this state must be reported by a certified shorthand reporter.


The commission may enforce this section by seeking an injunction or by filing a complaint against a person who is not certified by the supreme court. The commission may seek the injunction in the district court of the county in which that person resides or in Travis County. Said action for an injunction shall be in addition to any other action, proceeding, or remedy authorized by law. The commission shall be represented by the attorney general, the county or district attorney of this state, or counsel designated and empowered by the commission.


A court reporting firm shall register with the commission by completing an application in a form adopted by the commission.


Rules applicable to a court reporter are also applicable to a court reporting firm. The commission may enforce this subsection by assessing a reasonable fee against a court reporting firm. This subsection does not apply to court reporting services performed outside of this state by a foreign shorthand reporter who is not certified in this state for use in a court proceeding in this state, provided that the work resulting from those services is produced and billed wholly outside of this state.
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