Texas Water Code

Sec. § 54.035
Reservation of Certain Powers for Converted Districts


Any district after converting into a municipal utility district may continue to exercise all necessary specific powers under any specific conditions provided by the chapter of this code under which the district was operating before conversion and may retain its original name.


Any district converted into a municipal utility district shall continue to have the power to issue bonds voted before the conversion but yet unissued and levy and collect maintenance taxes, bond taxes, or other taxes which were voted before the conversion.


At the time of making the order of conversion, the commission shall specify in the order the specific provisions of this code under which the district had been operating which are to be preserved and made applicable to the operations of the district after conversion into a district operating under this chapter and whether a new name will be assigned to the district or the old name retained.


A reservation of a former power under Subsection (a) of this section may be made only if this chapter does not make specific provision concerning a matter necessary to the effectual operation of the converted district.


In all cases in which this chapter does make specific provision, this chapter shall, after conversion, control the operations and procedure of the converted district.
Added by Acts 1971, 62nd Leg., p. 781, ch. 84, Sec. 1.

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