Texas Vernon’s Civil Statutes
Sec. § 7.04
Investment Powers of the Board


The board shall cause the reserve retirement funds to be invested in a manner that a prudent investor would invest, considering the purposes, terms, distribution requirements, and other circumstances of an enterprise with a like character and like aims.


The board shall diversify the investment of the fund to minimize the risk of large losses unless under the circumstances it is clearly prudent not to do so. In determining whether the board has exercised prudence concerning an investment decision, the investment of all assets of the fund, rather than the prudence of a single investment of the fund, shall be considered.


The board may directly manage the investments of the fund or may choose and contract for professional management services. If the fund owns real estate, it may, at its discretion, establish organizations described by Section 501(c)(2) or (25) of the code to hold title to the real estate.


The board shall have the ultimate responsibility for the investment of the reserve retirement funds. The board may purchase securities or engage in limited partnerships or make other investments not specifically provided by this Act and shall have the authority of exercising discretion in determining the nature, type, quality, and size of any investment consistent with the investment policies it establishes.
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