Texas Education Code

Sec. § 29.008
Contracts for Services; Residential Placement


A school district, shared services arrangement unit, or regional education service center may contract with a public or private facility, institution, or agency inside or outside of this state for the provision of services to students with disabilities. Each contract for residential placement must be approved by the commissioner. The commissioner may approve a residential placement contract only after at least a programmatic evaluation of personnel qualifications, adequacy of physical plant and equipment, and curriculum content. The commissioner may approve either the whole or a part of a facility or program.


Except as provided by Subsection (c), costs of an approved contract for residential placement may be paid from a combination of federal, state, and local funds. The local share of the total contract cost for each student is that portion of the local tax effort that exceeds the district’s local fund assignment under Section 48.256, divided by the average daily attendance in the district. If the contract involves a private facility, the state share of the total contract cost is that amount remaining after subtracting the local share. If the contract involves a public facility, the state share is that amount remaining after subtracting the local share from the portion of the contract that involves the costs of instructional and related services. For purposes of this subsection, “local tax effort” means the total amount of money generated by taxes imposed for debt service and maintenance and operation less any amounts paid into a tax increment fund under Chapter 311 (Tax Increment Financing Act), Tax Code.


When a student, including one for whom the state is managing conservator, is placed primarily for care or treatment reasons in a private residential facility that operates its own private education program, none of the costs may be paid from public education funds. If a residential placement primarily for care or treatment reasons involves a private residential facility in which the education program is provided by the school district, the portion of the costs that includes appropriate education services, as determined by the school district’s admission, review, and dismissal committee, shall be paid from state and federal education funds.


A district that contracts for the provision of education services rather than providing the services itself shall oversee the implementation of the student’s individualized education program and shall annually reevaluate the appropriateness of the arrangement. An approved facility, institution, or agency with whom the district contracts shall periodically report to the district on the services the student has received or will receive in accordance with the contract as well as diagnostic or other evaluative information that the district requires in order to fulfill its obligations under this subchapter.
Added by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 260, Sec. 1, eff. May 30, 1995. Amended by Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 1071, Sec. 3, eff. Sept. 1, 1997.
Amended by:
Acts 2019, 86th Leg., R.S., Ch. 943 (H.B. 3), Sec. 3.025, eff. September 1, 2019.

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