Texas Business Organizations Code

Sec. § 11.405
Appointment of Receiver to Liquidate Domestic Entity; Liquidation


Subject to Subsection (b), a court that has jurisdiction over the property and business of a domestic entity under Section 11.402 (Jurisdiction to Appoint Receiver)(b) may order the liquidation of the property and business of the domestic entity and may appoint a receiver to effect the liquidation:


when an action has been filed by the attorney general under this chapter to terminate the existence of the entity and it is established that liquidation of the entity’s business and affairs should precede the entry of a decree of termination;


on application of the entity to have its liquidation continued under the supervision of the court;


if the entity is in receivership and the court does not find that any plan presented before the first anniversary of the date the receiver was appointed is feasible for remedying the condition requiring appointment of the receiver;


on application of a creditor of the entity if it is established that irreparable damage will ensue to the unsecured creditors of the domestic entity as a class, generally, unless there is an immediate liquidation of the property of the domestic entity; or


on application of a member or director of a nonprofit corporation or cooperative association and it appears the entity is unable to carry out its purposes.


A court may order a liquidation and appoint a receiver under Subsection (a) only if:


the circumstances demand liquidation to avoid damage to interested persons;


all other requirements of law are complied with; and


the court determines that all other available legal and equitable remedies, including the appointment of a receiver for specific property of the domestic entity and appointment of a receiver to rehabilitate the domestic entity, are inadequate.


If the condition necessitating the appointment of a receiver under this section is remedied, the receivership shall be terminated immediately, the management of the domestic entity shall be restored to its managerial officials, and the receiver shall redeliver to the domestic entity all of its property remaining in receivership.
Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 182, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 2006.

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