Texas Business Organizations Code
Sec. § 10.101
Conversion of Domestic Entities


A domestic entity may convert into a different type of domestic entity or a non-code organization by adopting a plan of conversion.


To effect a conversion, the converting entity must act on and the owners or members of the domestic entity must approve a plan of conversion in the manner prescribed by this code for the approval of conversions by the domestic entity or, if not prescribed by this code, in the same manner as prescribed by this code for the adoption and approval of a plan of merger by the domestic entity when the domestic entity does not survive the merger.


A domestic entity subject to dissenters’ rights must provide the notice required by Section 10.355 (Notice of Right of Dissent and Appraisal).


A conversion may not take effect if the conversion is prohibited by or inconsistent with the laws of the converted entity’s jurisdiction of formation, and the formation, incorporation, or organization of the converted entity under the plan of conversion must be effected in compliance with those laws pursuant to the plan of conversion.


At the time a conversion takes effect, each owner or member of the converting entity, other than those who receive payment of their ownership or membership interest under any applicable provisions of this code relating to dissent and appraisal, has, unless otherwise agreed to by that owner or member, an ownership or membership interest in, and is the owner or member of, the converted entity.


A domestic entity may not convert under this section if an owner or member of the domestic entity, as a result of the conversion, becomes subject to owner liability, without the consent of the owner or member, for a liability or other obligation of the converted entity.
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Amended by:
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